Working with traditional materials

I love knitting which is a very traditional technique that uses wool a traditional material. I decided that a couple of my samples would use wool and would be knitted.

The words that define the qualities I want to achieve in my samples are historical, tried and tested and hard wearing.

I decided to use fair isle as a starting point, a very traditional technique from the Scottish island of fair isle. Heavily patterned and coloured jumpers and cardigans that only ever use two colours on any one row. I knitted a small sample in a traditional fair isle pattern.

Another traditional technique I wanted to explore was knitted Gansey’s. I looked at different traditional patterns and the various traditions surrounding gansey’s and designed a pattern. I knitted a large sample up in the traditional way, with four long needles and 5ply yarn knitted in the round.

My last sample was based on a sampler I inherited when my parents died. I photographed it and printed the image onto some white cotton. I then stitched over the images in white yarn, carefully following the stitches made nearly 200 years ago! Tracing memories and time. I used white as a way of showing fading / ghostly memories.