Experimenting with new materials – processes and techniques

Because I have chosen to try using concrete it won’t be possible to send this work, so I have tried to document my samples as well as I can and include images of all my samples here.

Sample 1 – Latex

Loosely knitted cotton on 8mm needles. I pored liquid latex onto the knitting. Gold, flesh colour and black.
After laying fabric over a ball I poured flesh coloured latex over it so that it ran down the sides. Latex gives a structure to fabric and holds it’s shape really interestingly.

after folding a small sample of fabric and pegging it in place I poured black latex over it to see if it would completely hold its original shape. It did really well.

Sample 2 – Fibre optics

One sample using glue dots to stick it to plastic fabric. Not very successful the fibre optic stops working because of the tight bends.

One sample with fibre optic cable threaded through plastic fabric, slightly more successful but still looses light with each bend.

Sample 3 – Concrete

Sample with black colour added to half of it.
Sample sprinkled with ferrous oxide.

Sample 4 – Concrete with fibre optic

Concrete cast with a single fibre optic cable running through it. I was concerned that the concrete may damage the fibre optic cable but this worked well.

Sample 5 – Concrete with fabric

Black coloured concrete poure into mold then I placed fabric in the Mold then poured undyed concrete on top. Really pleased with this sample.


Sample 6 – Resin with fabric


Sample of resin cast in yoghurt pot which melted. Added dynaflow to resin to see if it would mix and add colour. I placed a dyed strip of wool to the pot.

Sample 7 – Resin casting

A simple shape cast in clear resin.