Found object

I gathered together a large selection of found objects. I wanted to experiment again with non traditional objects as well as merging nature and technology as my starting point, so narrowed my selection down to the items below:


Having seen bags made from ring pulls, I had wanted to experiment with interlocking ring pulls for some time and had built up quite a collection. I used a crochet technique and strong cotton thread to link them. It took several attempts to get a satisfactory result. This sample really reminds me of scales, either reptile or dry skin. Perhaps even the surface of finger nails under a microscope.


I used a similar crochet technique to interlock the rubber rings. I am not sure what these are but they really lent themselves to a more sculptural 3D sample. I experimented by trying to create a sphere. This looks like a cell or bacteria under a microscope.


Using the unused champagne bottle cork fasteners, I interlocked each one again in a similar way but produced quite a different sample. I really loved the surprising outcome of this one. It bends back on itself as well as bending inward just like a spine or a snake.