Transforming Materials – Final outcome

Having worked on the geometric cardboard and fabric samples I decided I wanted to take these further. I already had some geometric sketches in my sketchbook but I wanted to explore other possibilities. Broken things resonated with me and broken glass can look really beautiful. It has connotations with drinking and alcoholism again but also the ideas of being broken mentally, perhaps lives broken because of alcoholism.

With this as my initial idea and the samples with cardboard, I wanted to create something sculptural. I liked the idea of hanging a piece of textile art from the ceiling. I wanted to create a glass like surface that was hard but not dangerous to work with. I contemplated several solutions, acrylic nail systems dry hard, clear and quickly but would not be so easy to get hold of, painted varnishes may work, but in the end I remembered ‘Shrinkles’. I cut plain sheets into shards and baked them until hard. I stuck each one to some glassy, sheer fabric in a shattered pattern leaving a point of focus in the center.
This piece would be hung and the shards make the fabric hold a sculptural form. Ghostly in appearance and shrouded, it is also reminiscent of death shrouds.

I could see this being part of a much bigger installation, but I would also like to experiment with the potential of printing on the ‘Shrinkles’ with images and then attaching them to the fabric or alternatively printing on fabric before.