Recycled piece

Final whole

I had been so excited by the bread bag sample that I felt I had to take this further.  I knitted a larger piece using various food wrappings, cling film, babybel wrappers, bread bags…

I wanted to continue my control theme with the circles, food is a control issue for me because I am type 2 diabetic and the food wrappings felt right and perfect for this theme.

During the knitting I incorporated additional elements such as strips of paper and at the end I stitched video tape along the length of the piece to reference memory or capturing of information such as recording daily food in take, which I do occasionally as a weight control aid.

Final Detail

I stitched with predominantly red, for anger or danger.

Final Detail

I am pleased with the final outcome. This would work really well as a collar detail on an outfit, dress or top. It could also be applied to jewellery, necklace, braclet, cuff.  I would like to use this again as part of a sculptural form.