Excercise: Using traditional craft techniques

Having researched quilts and quilting I started to experiment with a few different quilting techniques…

I had some ideas in mind so with these as a base I started with some embroidery. This was often used as an embellishment within quilts.


With some scraps of material that I had previously hand dyed, I tried quilting a hexagon shape from equal triangles. I soon realised how important it was to be as precise as possible. Precision isn’t one of my strongest abilities so I did find this a little frustrating but I did get there eventually.


After struggling with the precision of the previous sample I thought that I would try padded quilting techniques with the same hexagon pattern. After I had finished I decided to see what adding an appliqué element would look like.


With my final sample I revisited the quilted stitched hexagon shape but this time I used fabric from an old bed sheet that I printed on using my inkjet printer and freezer paper. I had been working on ideas in my sketchbook and I felt this was the best potential way to explore my idea.

I am pleased with my samples and feel ready to take my ideas through to the more finished piece.