Exercise: traditional craft techniques – final piece

I have continued my exploration of ‘control’ with this piece. I had been thinking about the control within my life and the feeling of being pushed and pulled by others.

I had several sketches in my sketchbook that show the beginning and the development of my ideas for this piece. The sketch above illustrates how I sometimes feel. I realised that this visually looks like a triangle. So this began my design process.


I started to develop these ideas into 3-Dimensional ideas but then flattened the design. I decided to use each of the triangles to represent a different element of control.

  • Food
  • Money
  • Time
  • Responsibilities
  • Other people / expectations
  • Emotions / Anxiety


Using collage I experimented with the idea of using imagery in a repeated hexagon quilt pattern.


Using my inkjet printer I printed images that represent my ideas of control. I repeated the sample I had created previously but then randomly quilted around it using scraps of blue fabric. I chose blue for the whole piece because of the connotations that it has with sadness. I wanted the centre piece to feel structured and in control but the blue edges have a more chaotic feel, a sense of being out of control.


With padding and a fabric backing I then stitched areas of geometric triangular shapes. Mirroring the triangle theme but these are not equal triangles or the same size so are outside of the structured area.

Overall I am pleased with the outcome though it does feel a bit ‘nice’ I would like it to feel rougher. I think that my ideas are strong but this execution of my idea doesn’t feel quite right for me and I would like to explore this again in another way.