Cradle to Cradle


Whilst browsing the books in Oxfam I recently found a copy of ‘Cradle to Cradle – Remaking the way we make things’ by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. I remembered that it was mentioned at the beginning of the biomimicry section of this course and couldn’t believe my luck. £2.99 for a signed copy perfect.

I started reading it and am now about half way through, just ready for the beginning of the biomimicry section.

I have found reading the beginning section rather depressing reading, it leaves you feeing that we are all heading for a future of destruction and one that we have no way of recovering from. But by chapter 3 it opens a whole world of unexpected possibilities, ideas that we can design and create products that not only don’t harm us or nature but could actually benefit us and the world.

The analogy of ants that is used in the book is fascinating too, collectively ants biomass exceeds ours on this planet but they don’t harm the planet in any way at all. Everything they do benefits not only themselves but also everything around them too. The authors believe it is possible to replicate this idea across manufacturing and building, an exciting possibility!

Cleverly the authors also use the actual book to prove their points. Made entirely from a plastic that can be remade and remade without loss of quality, the printing is done with non harmful inks that can be washed from the pages safely. The whole book feels lovely to read and is also completely waterproof.

It is a fascinating read that is more about building construction than smaller applications but I am eager to continue and hope to take ideas from it.