Excercise: Your own archive

I am going to continue to build on my archive within Evernote but there are definitely themes emerging.


They are:

  • Momento Mori
    • tokens and charms
  • Adornment / Shrouds
  • Loss / disintegration
    • deterioration
    • mourning
  • Protection
  • Treatment of the dead
    • mummification
    • preservation
    • Decoration

Within Evernote I have collected and collated all my findings. I have added my own thoughts and potential possibilities within each key item. The most visually inspiring of my found items have been labeled with a number at the beginning of the title so that they can be ordered and found easily.

I have been working in a fairly similar way for a while. I build my ‘archive’ of visual finds and inspiration within Pinterest under particular boards with subject titles, and I tend to use Evernote for articles and ideas.