Excercise: your portfolio more developed work

Finished Sample 1

Having made some samples and experimented with stitch and the pig gut, I stitched sections together. Still remembering the recycling section of this course it struck me that the Inuit’s use of seal gut was a highly sustainable way of using what was to hand but also what could easily be disposed of without damaging the environment at all.

I considered how our western lifestyles are causing pollution that is not only affecting us but also melting the polar icecaps. The effect is increased rain and flooding so I wanted to use the pig gut to explore these ideas and so created part of an umbrella using some old spokes I had with the pig gut as the cloth.

Symbolic protection from global warming.

Finished Sample 2

For sample 2 I used the Norwich shroud and the Egyptian hieroglyphics as my starting point. I had already sampled Lino cut prints of symbols that represent ‘to drink’ and ‘to stop’. I printed these onto paper in a brown aged colour for ‘to drink’ and the to stop symbols in a redder terracotta colour. I then used a tea bag to wipe over the paper. This helped to give a more aged appearance as well as calming down the printed colour.


Finished Sample 3
This sample is based on the technique of trepanation. Where holes are drilled into the skull. This practice has been observed as far back as 4,000 years ago and would have been performed without antibiotics or anaesthetic!
I have found several examples in the Wellcome collection as well as Pitt Rivers.


Finished Sample 4

Rorschach tests have fascinated me for a long time, they are beautiful but also have a deeply sinister sense to them. The examples I found are the original ones used by Rorschach himself.

I created a series of playful painted Rorschach’s by squashing paint between paper, exactly the same way as children create butterfly pictures.


Finished Sample 5

For this sample I have taken the text of quotes i remember growing up relating to my parents and relating to their alcoholism. I printed these continually repeating quotes onto fabric that had been soaked with tea and iron nails to give an aged dirty appearance. Given it’s content I embroidered a visual representation in French knots of an image i found on the science photo library website Scintigram of liver & spleen of cirrhosis sufferer


Finished Sample 6
Based on the bundles surrounding mummies a stylised line drawing…

Finished Sample 7
I loved the motion captured in the images of NASA space suit testing. I have coated bound fabric in paint once and continued to make prints in a circle whilst the paint gradually fades. Metaphor for life fading as we progress through life, also circles which continue my theme of control.

Finished Sample 8

Taken from images of items found within graves, precious items bundled and protected. These are reminiscent to me of the work by Judith Scott. I have bundled found items together with threads and fabric to protect what is inside.


Finished Sample 9

Based on a fabric sample at The British Museum. I was drawn to the museum piece because of it’s sense of desolation and deterioration. I created my sample to resemble the item. I randomly stitched hessian fabric with different natural yarns, I then soaked in a tea / iron solution. At the end I added some liquid latex.



Finished Sample 10

This drawing is based on a fabulous fabric sample that incorporated feathers.

I am pleased with most of my samples and I feel I have successfully interpreted my topics. I did find it quite difficult to stay within these topics though, my mind kept running off with other ideas that didn’t fit, however I feel these have resolved fairly well. They mostly all fall into the protection topic either perceived physical protection or my way of protecting myself from past memories. Catharsis continues to be important to me…. I work through these ideas and by wrapping or concealing or simply just creating, these thoughts and the stresses are removed, wrapped and hidden away.