Exercise – Telling a story

I had started to develop the ideas from the Norwich Shroud, and felt that the hieroglyphics I had researched for that sample would be perfect for this section.

The Norwich Shroud contained text from the book of the dead. I explored and researched the Book of the Dead as well as downloading a couple of sample chapters of a dictionary of the terms used, to look at.

I found sample sections that reflected ideas around my parents alcoholism that I continue to explore. Two passages, one that says ‘to drink’ and another that says ‘to stop’


I had sampled some foam prints as well as Lino prints of these two phrases in my sketchbook.


I had also experimented in my sketchbook with ideas of deterioration by test burning fabric.


With these ideas and samples in mind I wanted to create my own shroud. Possibly a shroud to the memory of alcoholism and my parents. I took a section of white cotton, and using Lino prints I printed the two phrases in an alternate repeat. The ‘to drink’ I printed in an ochre colour and the ‘to stop’ I printed in a terracotta colour.

I then let it dry but not completely before soaking the whole piece in a tea and iron nail solution. This gave an aged appearance and faded the printing slightly.

When it had dried I burnt some of the edges carefully in a baking tray.


I envisaged this as a shroud and felt it appropriate to shroud a bottle. A reminder of the final outcome of alcoholism and a comment on mourning.