Exploring the possibilities

Based on my initial studies of wrapped mummies I simplifyed the initial study further and created a pattern, using photoshop, that could be repeated…

Using this pattern I further explored in Photoshop by repeating the design and sampling colour from the following image in my collection…


This is the result. I think that this works well but is very formal and doesn’t really convey the dark ideas that the origonal images did.


Using the rorschach imagery I created a drop repeat but overlayed the imaged onto each other. With each drop I added a graduation in colour, going from pink to almost black. This metaphores life well with pink representing birth and the grey / death with the rorschch representing our struggles.


I combined imagery from the Nasa images with the Rorschach image for the following. Using an axis point I rotated each by a percentage whilst also dropping the opacity down as well. The sense of movement works well here and I was really pleased with this image. I could definately expand on this.



I was intrigued by the section in the middle of the previous image, where the two circles meet. I took a small square sample from the centre and created a repeat, see left image below. I then repeated and colourized it, see image right.


Using two previous images the rorschach drop repeat with the line repeat I combined the two to create the following. This has worked very well I think visually as a pattern, the background adds depth and texture. This is quite futuristic looking though and again doesn’t convey the darkness of the origonal.
The rorschach imagery has worked very well colourized with a background colour. This has less dramatic impact but does retain it’s essence of darkness with the blood red colour.

I am overall really pleased with these images and have really enjoyed creating these patterns and repeats with the computer.