Excercise: Exploring digital possibilities

I am fairly comfortable working digitally, I work as a web designer and have used Photoshop for many years. However the idea of using digital techniques within my textiles work is not something I am particularly excited about at the moment. I think that this is because you have complete control over the process and I do like the element of seeing what happens, chance that you get when producing work by hand.

At this stage I am excited about using a digital image in a more organic way perhaps with cyanotype printing, a process that would still give me a more organic feel. I haven’t tried cyanotype printing before and so feel this may be a good opportunity to experiment with it. I would also like to explore the possibilities of using new technologies and possibly my iPhone with its huge array of interesting creative apps. I am really excited about the possibilities of being able to capture image and sound using mobile technology on the move and manipulate it within apps on the device. I can also print onto fabric wirelessly directly from my phone. Perhaps a project completely created on my phone?

I am excited by the potential to incorporate digital elements within my work. We are now given so many opportunities with technology, that processes and planning certainly become easier with the use of technology. It will definitely play a part in my work going forward but perhaps not in such an obvious way.