Art Festival Visit: HiddenDoors – Edinburgh


This had just opened the weekend I was in Edinburgh, and was an opportunity too good to miss! I wasn’t able to get to any of the evening events as I was only there for such a short time but the exhibition element was fantastic.

The whole event was situated within a series of vaults right in the heart of the city. Each vault was either used by a single or a group of artists as an exhibition space and most had either used the space itself as inspiration or the history surrounding the spaces.


I think the piece of work I was most drawn to and excited by was in Vault 4 by Liza Green. Based on the historical story above about a group of girls who were crushed by a falling wall.



Liza Green
This artist used the story as a base to her work, and explored it using textile representations of the girls clothing after the event, with two tiny and mangled red dresses that represent the two most injured of the girls.


Lichtsuchende – Dave Murray – Rust and Ricio Von Jungenfeld

This was another intriguing piece of work based on sunflowers, these photo-kinetic robotic lights constantly turn and search for light as well as producing light for each other. The viewer is also invited to participate by using torches to interact with the installation.

Khalid Alasyed
This piece by Khalid Alsayed was visually striking. By using moving image, sculpture, print, and photography he has experimented with fragmenting and constructing narratives.

There were so many other artists all using a wide variety of mediums, but too many to mention each one here. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore work from artists at varying stages of their careers having spent my time in Edinburgh seeing the work of established artists.