Gallery Visit: Tania Kovats. Oceans – The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh


All the Sea (2012-14)

I hadn’t planned to see the exhibition but wanted to visit The Fruitmarket Gallery, so on my second day in Edinburgh I decided that this would be a perfect place for me to visit. All I knew was that the current exhibition was about the sea.

On arrival I was immediately pleased to have visited, the exhibition space is wonderful and spread over two floors with a great bookshop and a cafe.

Tania Kovats work was immediately captivating, as soon as I entered the ground floor space I was immediately drawn to a large shelving unit displaying many glass bottles all containing a liquid. The liquid I discovered was sea water but each bottle contained a sample of water from each different sea. The artist had wanted to place each of the oceans within one space and with the help of many people she successfully achieves that within this exhibition.

The variety of her work was fascinating, the exhibition included sculpture, paintings and drawings.

Particularly interesting were these salt and ink evaporation paintings, that are really beautiful.


Also these extensions of ‘All the Sea’


Where the Seas Meet (2013-14)

She has also explored how water and the sea transforms the earths shape and structure in a series of sculptures made from compressed and layered materials.


Schist (2001)

I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to see this work, truly compelling it enables the viewer to explore the oceans and seas in a completely new way.