Research point: Digital Research

My overall feeling about digital textile design is that it can feel visually too involved as well a being almost entirely 2 dimensional. I have really struggled to find digital textiles that move me. I think that this is because digital textiles are generally used for production, therefore the final outcome has to be visually attractive if we are going to choose to furnish our houses or wear the designs. I do like Alexander McQueen prints and Timorous Beasties and I think that I am drawn to these because they are not traditionally beautiful.

I have though found artists who use digital techniques that really interest me. Angela Palmer is one, she takes CT scans and engraves the layered images onto glass and Perspex to create a 3 dimensional sculptural form. I love the combination of science and art and am continually drawn to this combination. She has a piece of work at The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford which is created from scans of an Egyptian mummy

I love the idea of using other digital elements not necessarily initially visual, for example sound, data and fibre optics and programmable Raspberry Pi within my artwork.

Luke Jerram is a fascinating artist who has used digital technologies in a number of ways. He has created a sound installation from hot air balloons  he has also created a visual sculpture from a 28 second sound file of the Hiroshima bomb.

3d printing is another area that I would love the opportunity to explore. Shane Hope is an artist who combines digital printing with molecular nanotechnology to produce sculptural landscapes.

The use of digital technologies are enormously exciting but for me are less likely to be the more traditional applications such as print designs. I understand and can see their uses but I am much more excited about the conceptual and sculptural possibilities that these new technologies can offer.