Exercise: Digital Collage

During my trip to Edinburgh I started to think about the relationships we have with people we meet briefly during our day to day lives, as well as those we come very close to but never actually meet. I started to think about ways of portraying this visually, and i started to see connections with maps and the contours on maps that show height. Maps are also good because we often meet strangers whilst travelling. I also saw connections with brain mapping and the contours of our bodies. Brief intersections where lines meet represent our fleeting meetings.

I started to sketch and doodle contour like imagery as well as looking at various contours on the internet. I cut magazine imagery as well as printed photos I had taken and started to play with cutting and collaging these.







Having been asked to look looked at Russian Constructivism, I started to based my collage design loosely around their imagery without really realising it at first but I found I quite liked the imagery I was able to create.

I used imagery of a footprint that I took a while ago as well as a photo of the layers within an onion that I took for this project on my iPhone. The layers within an onion are very like contours, these intersect with a series of hand drawn contours. I used Photoshop overlays on some of the layers particularly the onion layers because this reduces the dominance of the imagery as well as blending it with the textures of the sand in the background.




Collage Final