Exercise: Digital Repeats

I started of by simply playing within photoshop and playing with repeats using imagery and photographs that I had in my folders. I tried flipping and also overlaying imagery.





I took a sample from the stitches on the trepanation imagery from my archive. I used this to create a repeat fill…


I then worked on the rorschach repeats that I had previously in the experimenting with imagery section of this course.

I used the stitched fill as a background texture

With the Rorschach motif I created a half drop overlaid repeat to create a column. I then put these pieces into a folder and duplicated and rotated the column 180 degrees. The columns slotted really nicely into the first column in another half drop repeat.

I then created a repeatable pattern fill from this design…

rorschach Stitched Repeat Section

I used red because of the references to blood, which I feel works really well with the imagery.

  • Trepanation used to relieve pressure in the brain
  • Rorschach tests used to analyse mental stability/instability.

I am really pleased with the final outcome. It has a sinister edge to it that I was hoping for, just like rorschach tests you can start to see imagery within it, faces, bodies, moths, body parts…..



I tried a blue colourway because of the connotations with depression, ‘feeling blue’.