Research: Digital Craft

Whilst researching digital textiles artists I was struck by how few artists combine both digital work with more traditional techniques. I did find a few…

Joanne Arnett [1] is an interesting artist who combines photography with weaving. She predominately uses mug shot imagery and titles each piece with the fine or prison sentence each person received.

Her weaving is far from traditional, she uses a warp of metal wire and weaves coloured thread through this to produce clever photographic imagery that changes from positive to negative as you move in front of each piece.

Mandy Pattullo [2] uses digital imagery to explore memory, loss and identity. She transfers the imagery that she finds or creates onto found garments that she has dyed. There is a real sadness and sense of loss in these pieces.

I also found a fascinating website [3] that explores the convergence of art, science and technology. I am really interested in exploring other digital medium within my practice – sound, data transfer, movement, light. This website looks like a great place to explore possibilities.

Digital techniques offer more flexibility to traditional craft techniques. Allowing for controlled and realistic images to be incorporated whilst still enabling the finished piece to retain a hand made feel.

there are a lot of possible advantages for artists working together each person brings something new to the mix, new ideas, new techniques, new processes, different vision. But I guess the risks are clashing personalities, lack of understanding within each others practice as well as the potential for an individual to take over or make the project more their own.


1. joanne arnett | woven mugshots