Site specific piece: Initial ideas and chosen site

Initial idea

When my mother died I came across a document amongst her things that was a draft for a biography of her life. I began to read it and came across the section below:



“She was not quite as bright as Emily”

This has haunted me, I am unable to ask her about this, my father died before her so cannot ask him either.

All the way through my education I struggled, it has always been important for me to have a reason for learning and sadly teachers were very poor at putting each subject within real life contexts. Throughout primary and secondary school I always felt dismissed as being incapable and began to believe it myself.

This got to the point of me believing, during my late 30’s, that I could potentially be dyslexic. I now realise that I am neither stupid nor dyslexic! But this has left me  angry and even more so on discovery of this document.


The metaphor of a single lost glove for me replicates the lost and lonely feeling I experienced at school. Often unnoticed by others/passers by.

Clinical white cotton gloves used to examine precious items in museums, protect them from fingerprints, and conjure up how I feel people should have protected and nurtured my learning within school.

Recorded spoken phrase above. Using either cymatics or soundwave or a spectrograph physically visualise the words spoken.

voice recording

Finger prints prove our individuality. Using the visualization of the sound above to create a finger print for my past.

Discarding the past/throwing away the past. Discarding shedding gloves.

Site Specific Flow ChartSites

I propose two sites for my piece. I would like to use both my primary and secondary schools as the sites for my piece of work. Discarding a glove outside the gates of both, symbolic of moving away from the past, away from my schooling

I have visited both with my camera. I have placed plain cotton gloves at both to give an idea of scale and how the piece will look.

The Manor Preparatory School Abindon Oxfordshire_Site1


Wychwood School Oxford Site2

Amendment – 10/06/14

I have decided to use just my secondary school site as the site for this piece. I feel that this is the time that was most fundamental to my education and the years I most needed support with confidence and ability. I intend to use the idea that it is fictionally part of the Oxfordshire Artweeks.