Site Analysis

I feel that this site is very important to the underlying message within my piece of work. All of my school life was overshadowed by a sense of negativity and lack of positive support both at home and at school. This sense of myself was compounded on the discovery of the piece of text within my mothers draft biography on my parents deaths.

My chosen space is an open public pavement next to Wychwood School in Oxford. There is no other artwork within the space and it is intended that my piece may even go unnoticed.


Wychwood School Oxford Site2

It is situated down a quiet side street in North Oxford and has a wide pavement that has a high wall next to it with the school sign. This is not a busy thoroughfare but there is a steady amount of passers-by. I imagine though that on a significant school day, end of term or beginning of term, this road would be substantially busier, also if it was part of Oxfordshire Artweeks then the advertising and publicity would also increase footfall.

I want my piece to look, on initial inspection, as if they are simply lost or disguarded gloves, insignificant and unnoticed. I want them to blend into the dirt and debris collecting by the wall. There was moss, leaves, seeds and dirt present on my initial visit but no other rubbish. This is perfect and would enable my gloves to be the only disgarded items, but also allow them to blend into the pavement debris.