Investigation into different formats

Throughout the whole creative process I have continued to consider several different formats for presenting this piece. Investigating different sizes didn’t make sense to me, my concept is built entirely around lost gloves and I feel that they should look like other lost gloves i.e the same size. However there were various considerations regarding the overall concept and the presentation.

I needed to consider the circumstance of why the gloves would be there. I initially considered my piece being part of an event such as Oxfordshire Artweeks but really didn’t feel that people coming to my piece of work already knowing it was there worked, they would preconceived ideas. I wanted people to simply come across them, pick them up, move them and explore.

I experimented with trying to make the gloves look more like hands using tinted latex over the glove. This gives cloth a more 3dimensional structure. Each of my tests failed to satisfy my idea of what I wanted and in the end the idea of removing myself from the past lent itself better to taking off actual gloves.

I also started to consider the possibilities s of using the OVADA warehouse where i now do life drawing classes. This is a site where I can finally feel as if I can shed the past… diguarding the gloves and moving on. The idea I had here was to use video footage taken at the original school site of peoples legs from the knee down walking with the wall in the background. I then wanted to overlay this footage in the OVADA gallery space over the actual gloves. The gloves now disguarded finally able to move on with the footage of people walking past the wall and not noticing the gloves. The filmed footage has connotations of memory placed within a site, very real and very present.



A photoshop mock up of how my glove project could work at OVADA or within a gallery space later

I do still really like this idea but I thought that it may not be considered fitting within the site specific criteria. As a future idea for a gallery exhibition I feel that this could work really well, and I would be excited to try this.