Ovada Gallery – Informal Elements

Informal-Elements OVADA Gallery Oxford Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the private view of another fantastic exhibition at OVADA Gallery in Oxford.

The exhibition is an exploration of painting in a contemporary context, curated by artist Jan Crombie it includes the work of seven artists who are either painters or use paint.

The artists are Aaron Fickling, Alan Franklin, Rosie Snell, Eleanor Moreton, Jaya Mansberger, Luke Skiffington and Alice Browne.  Aaron Fickling and Alan Franklin particularly stood out for me because their more 3 dimensional approach to painting.

AAron Ficklings approach uses a bold use of colour and geometric shapes referencing military insignia or maps that he paints onto unusually shaped canvases. It is this element that I think appealed to me so much, I really love the idea that a canvas can be something other than simply square or rectangular, that by using different shapes the content is supported and enhanced. These are almost modular 3 dimensional sculptures some are also extremely large almost overwhelmingly so with one in particular placed high on the wall dominating the room.

Alan Frankln’s work is a playful exploration of materials. He uses found items in new and surprising ways, out of curiosity. For a few of the pieces in this exhibition he has taken powdered paint and using it in it’s raw form has created sculptural forms. Powder gently balancing on objects, they remind me of our fragility and the precariousness of life.

This is a really exciting exhibition and is on until 28  June 2014