Process and thoughts 1


Research – Found Gloves taken on my iPhone

finger prints

experiments with making finger prints


combining visualization of sound with finger print


Further experiments including latex and stitch


Combining sound imagery with whole hand print including first attempts at cyanotype printing

I tried out several different methods of getting my imagery onto fabric and gloves:

  • transfer printing using ink jet print onto freezer paper – no detail in image
  • ironing fabric onto freezer paper and running through my ink jet printer – not colour fast
  • using t-shirt transfer sheets
  • cyanotype printing using negative image printed onto overhead projection sheets

extending whole hand idea – stitch and latex

Everything changed when I discovered the ‘Phonopaper’ app

I recorded my voice within the app, saying the phrase ‘She was not as bright as Emily’. The app then visualizes the sound file and is then able to read back the sound. I experimented fairly extensively printing onto different fabrics in various different ways and sizes to ensure a good playback at a reasonable size.

If you have either an android or iPhone try reading back the file here…


Phonopaper sound file

To see how it works and how to use it see this video…

I then went back to incorporating this sound visualization into my work.