Evaluation of the Final Project

I have thoroughly enjoyed the final project for this course. It has been a very cathartic process but I also feel that I have successfully worked through plans and ideas, reworking and reconsidering as problems as well as new ideas arose.

My starting point of the draft biography was an important one, and one I decided on fairly quickly. This in turn led on pretty quickly to a decision to incorporate, initially, my two schools as the actual sites for this work. I did however reconsider this half way through the process whist I was working on the context for this work.

I did struggle with the context. I thought about it being in place during a public event such as Artweeks or and educational event but this would give the work prominence and importance which in my mind would not work. I wanted this to be approached in a way similar to how I was whilst at school. Most people did not notice any particular potential in me whilst at school and I felt a very real need for my gloves to go largely unnoticed. There would however be a few individuals who would see them and that suited my idea well.

I have used the following table to try to focus my thought process and help to explain my ideas:

“She was not as bright as Emily”
The unsaid feeling I had had throughout school, both by teachers and parents.Later discovered written into a draft biography in adulthood
This attitude prevailed and held me back.
No one saw potential
Given up on in Maths and French particularly
If lost – often unoticed
look as if they are reaching out for helpWhite Gloves
Protect precious items from damage from fingerprints.
Prove individualityPalm Reading
also individuality but future and past can also be read, fortunes told.
Clothing Labels
Usually a source of care instructions
Index finger
Used to point and single people out
Humiliate people
Make them feel inadequate

Each of the elements tie the piece together well and overall it does express the ideas and sentiment I wanted to convey. I am happy and comfortable with the temporality of the piece and I think that the fact that it may or may not be discovered, may go unnoticed, is really important to this piece. Temporary artwork, things that only exist briefly, can be really interesting.I have found similarly  temporal work through various online articles. Work that is short lived, present within a very particular time frame. [1]

I have enjoyed all the challenges this course has given me and these have all helped to support ideas and techniques right through to my final piece of work. My only reservation is that I wish I had approached the museum research with an actual research topic in mind. I personally feel that this would have focused my research and in turn would have helped me to produce more engaged work. I do feel however that I have successfully pushed myself and my practice at every stage and I have thouroughly enjoyed exploring new techniques and challenges.

Having the opportunity at the beginning of the course to exhibit my work as part of the OVADA Spotlight event, was amazing. I had to compile, research and write a proposal, artists statement and CV as well as working to a deadline and personally installing and invigilating the piece of work on the night. All of this has given me invaluable experience.

With each course I continue to take my work to an new level and I am really looking forward to seeing where the next part takes me!


Ed Fairburn – rubiks cube project
Ariana Page Russell – uses a skin disoder to create tempory artwork
Hubert Duprat