Evaluation and reflection

This has been a very rewarding course. I have learnt a lot and pushed my practice into new areas, especially the experience of my huge opportunity to exhibit as part of the light night in Oxford with OVADA. This really was exciting and meant experiencing a real life commission with a deadline to work to. I was also expected to write an artist statement, and CV as well as invigilate on the night. I also had to source materials and work out how to use fibre optics as well as commissioning a special tooled light fitting for it. It was successful and I am very proud of this piece of work.

I feel that I have also continued to expand my conceptual themes and ideas successfully. With each course I can see a clear progression within my work and I am very excited to see where it will take me next.

I have enjoyed the challenges and unexpected outcomes from using museum archives. I haven’t previously tended to start my ideas from museum pieces themselves before, usually I source examples from an initial idea, but I feel that this has worked well.

Using digital technologies was interesting too. Having come from a background of using Photoshop fairly regularly for work, it was exciting to use the software in a very different way to what I am used to. It did produce some exciting and unexpected results. Being able to digitally visualize work as well is a great skill and using the 3D tool in Photoshop would be something I feel I may utilize again.

I continue to be excited about my work and the course with OCA and I am very much looking forward to progressing through to my level 3 courses.