Additional books and references, not on the reading list, that I have read to support my studies during Textiles 2 – Contemporary Practice

Francis Bacon – In conversation with Michel Archimbaud

Insightful and interesting but I hoped that it would spend more time exploring his working practice and explain the ideas behind some of his work.

When Marina Abromovic dies – James Westcott

Absolutely fantastic read. A Biography that really explores the life of Marina Abromovic and her ground breaking work. It helped me to better understand her work and the process and ideas that lead to each piece. Illustrated with some great images.

The artist is present – DVD

Following Marina Abromiovic as she prepares for and participates in a major retrospective of her work at The Museum of Modern Art, where she sat day after day and invited the public to sit opposite her and engage directly and silently with her by direct eye contact. A truly fantastic documantary.

The Last Art Film – DVD

A selection of prominent living artists talking about their work, what makes and compels them to create art. Also quotes about being an artist from prominent dead artists.

The Artists Reality – Philosophies on Art, Mark Rothko

Grayson Perry – Portrait of the Artist as a young girl