Marina Abramovic – The Serpentine Gallery, London

Having recently finished ‘When Marina Abramovic Dies’ a biography about Marina Abramovic, I was so excited to see she would be having an exhibition in London entitled 512 Hours. This was an exhibition I desperately wanted to visit.

I have admired previous works by Marina Abramovic for some time and had become really interested in her work and the depth of commitment and personal challenges she puts herself through for her work.

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Evaluation of the Final Project

I have thoroughly enjoyed the final project for this course. It has been a very cathartic process but I also feel that I have successfully worked through plans and ideas, reworking and reconsidering as problems as well as new ideas arose.

My starting point of the draft biography was an important one, and one I decided on fairly quickly. This in turn led on pretty quickly to a decision to incorporate, initially, my two schools as the actual sites for this work. I did however reconsider this half way through the process whist I was working on the context for this work.

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Final site photo’s

I added stitched life paths between the sound file, the palm print and the finger print, alluding to the effects and changes to the course of life. The two gloves are bound together by these threads, restraining, holding back from potential.

The phonograph print is exposed and can be read and I have also added a QR code on the second glove that links to a web page where an explanation of the work can be found. I want to encourage a wider appreciation of art and I believe that street art combined with a way of explaining thought process and origin could help.


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Process and Thoughts 2

After some consideration i felt that the sound file would work particularly well as a label in the gloves. Labels traditionally contain care instructions how to look after them this seemed entirely appropriate to me. I wanted this to all to feed into the idea of self and identity so incorporated palm prints and a single finger print.

stitching sections

stitching sections


Cyanotype colour felt too blue – experiments with colour treating cyanotype print

Ovada Gallery – Informal Elements

Informal-Elements OVADA Gallery Oxford Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the private view of another fantastic exhibition at OVADA Gallery in Oxford.

The exhibition is an exploration of painting in a contemporary context, curated by artist Jan Crombie it includes the work of seven artists who are either painters or use paint.

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