Evaluation and reflection

This has been a very rewarding course. I have learnt a lot and pushed my practice into new areas, especially the experience of my huge opportunity to exhibit as part of the light night in Oxford with OVADA. This really was exciting and meant experiencing a real life commission with a deadline to work to. I was also expected to write an artist statement, and CV as well as invigilate on the night. I also had to source materials and work out how to use fibre optics as well as commissioning a special tooled light fitting for it. It was successful and I am very proud of this piece of work.

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Tutor feedback

I feel very disappointed after my feedback on the last assignment. I felt that I had managed to mount my work well. I do understand the comments regarding the ‘messages and meanings’ sheet. This is a story board and consequently is work I mounted during the course. I had not invested in a metal ruler cutting sheet and knife at this point and I had admittedly used scissors.

I have now remounted this board and I feel that it now looks less cluttered and more coherent.


Black card

I have always preferred the look of work mounted on black card and also feel that it is more in keeping with the ideas within my work, which is why I decided to use it to mount all my work up for assessment. However in several emails to my tutor she has informed me that the assessors do not like work to be mounted on black. I have most of my work mounted now and have spent a lot of money buying all the mount board I felt I would need. It is a real shame if this is the case for this assessment and only hope that I do not loose too many points but I will definitely make sure that I purchase white or cream card for my level 3 assessments in the future.