Evaluation and reflection

This has been a very rewarding course. I have learnt a lot and pushed my practice into new areas, especially the experience of my huge opportunity to exhibit as part of the light night in Oxford with OVADA. This really was exciting and meant experiencing a real life commission with a deadline to work to. I was also expected to write an artist statement, and CV as well as invigilate on the night. I also had to source materials and work out how to use fibre optics as well as commissioning a special tooled light fitting for it. It was successful and I am very proud of this piece of work.

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Life Drawing

I have been attending the fantastic life drawing classes at OVADA in Oxford for 3 terms now and am continuing to love it. The course is run by Roger Perkins and each week he always gives us a new challenge that asks us to rethink the way we look at the model, how we interpret the pose and how we plan and make marks on the page.

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Spirituality in contemporary art

I have just finished reading the book “Spirituality in Contemporary Art – The idea of the Numinous” by Jungu Yoon

A fascinating insight into the ideas and use of spirituality in contemporary art. Not necessarily religious spirituality but the numinous.

Numinous def: surpassing comprehension or understanding; mysterious:
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Cradle to Cradle


Whilst browsing the books in Oxfam I recently found a copy of ‘Cradle to Cradle – Remaking the way we make things’ by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. I remembered that it was mentioned at the beginning of the biomimicry section of this course and couldn’t believe my luck. £2.99 for a signed copy perfect.
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New materials – Opportunity


I have been given the most fantastic opportunity this week and I am very excited! Ovada sent out a call to artists to apply to be one of only 8 artists to exhibit in the Spotlight 2013 exhibition at Oxford Town Hall as part of the Oxford Festival of Light on November 22nd. I applied and have been accepted as one of the 8!
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Found Horse Hair


Last week I went for a walk and found this horse hair hanging in a tree and had to take it home! I got some very strange looks as I walked home but it was worth it as it is fabulous with so many colours. I have washed it and will keep it, I may use it when I get to the found materials section.