Site specific piece: Initial ideas and chosen site

Initial idea

When my mother died I came across a document amongst her things that was a draft for a biography of her life. I began to read it and came across the section below:



“She was not quite as bright as Emily”

This has haunted me, I am unable to ask her about this, my father died before her so cannot ask him either.

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Cymatics – visualizing sound digitally

During my research into digital textiles, I have wanted to explore other ways of using technologies within my work. I am interested in sound and sound recordings but wanted to create ways of visualizing sound rather than using imagery with sound.

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Sue Lawty / Louise Bourgeois

These two artists do use found materials in very different ways, not just in the choice of materials but in the emotion of the finished piece. Sue Lawty’s work is contemplative almost meditative, she produces a sense of calm whilst viewing her work. I think that this is because of the gentle and subtle repetition she often uses and the fine delicate patterns she produces even when useing materials that are often associates with delicacy, for example stones.


Louise Bourgeois however created work that is full of anger and emotion. Her work is very autobiographical and she often used clothing that she had once worn as a personal way of depicting anguish and pain. Very early on she bagan to carve wooden totems from pieces of found wood to explore her experiences of emigrating from france to america, her loneliness and her homesickness, she eventually took this further to explore human group behaviour our differences as well as our similarities. A lot of her work explores relationships and the dynamic between people and not always the good or fulfulling relationships.