Process and Thoughts 2

After some consideration i felt that the sound file would work particularly well as a label in the gloves. Labels traditionally contain care instructions how to look after them this seemed entirely appropriate to me. I wanted this to all to feed into the idea of self and identity so incorporated palm prints and a single finger print.

stitching sections

stitching sections


Cyanotype colour felt too blue – experiments with colour treating cyanotype print


Ovada Gallery – Informal Elements

Informal-Elements OVADA Gallery Oxford Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the private view of another fantastic exhibition at OVADA Gallery in Oxford.

The exhibition is an exploration of painting in a contemporary context, curated by artist Jan Crombie it includes the work of seven artists who are either painters or use paint.

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Investigation into different formats

Throughout the whole creative process I have continued to consider several different formats for presenting this piece. Investigating different sizes didn’t make sense to me, my concept is built entirely around lost gloves and I feel that they should look like other lost gloves i.e the same size. However there were various considerations regarding the overall concept and the presentation.

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Site Analysis

I feel that this site is very important to the underlying message within my piece of work. All of my school life was overshadowed by a sense of negativity and lack of positive support both at home and at school. This sense of myself was compounded on the discovery of the piece of text within my mothers draft biography on my parents deaths.

My chosen space is an open public pavement next to Wychwood School in Oxford. There is no other artwork within the space and it is intended that my piece may even go unnoticed.


Wychwood School Oxford Site2

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Research Point: Use of different formats

I am particularly interested in contemporary artists who choose a format in their work to move or challenge peoples view or helps them to see the world differently. I am also fascinated with art created or installed outside of a traditional gallery environment, because it reaches out to people who do not normally visit exhibitions. Knitted graffiti was interesting at the beginning when it said something about the space it was in, but has now become clich├ęd and unimaginative. There are though artists creating amazing work that challenge us and our views.

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