Exercise: Digital craft

Using my sketchbook and paper prints I explored printing, appliqué and destroying to enrich my digital samples.

With my printing samples I used a potato that I cut using my lino cutting tools. I cut a simple pattern similar to my ‘lines’ digital sample. I then overprinted some of my Rorschach repeats in acrylic paint to see what it would look like. I used black to begin with as well as white.

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Life Drawing

I have been attending the fantastic life drawing classes at OVADA in Oxford for 3 terms now and am continuing to love it. The course is run by Roger Perkins and each week he always gives us a new challenge that asks us to rethink the way we look at the model, how we interpret the pose and how we plan and make marks on the page.

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Exercise: Visualising your designs 2

I was a bit uninspired to start with as I don’t envisage my textiles being used in a particularly traditional way, i.e. fashion or interiors. However as I started to consider this exercise I felt that they could be part of a site specific installation. I have a series of images that I had found within pinterest, of abandoned asylums. These lost and lonely places, forgotten by time, are reminiscent of the people who would have been incarcerated within them. I would love the opportunity to explore and visit an abandoned asylum and even create a piece of work specific to one, so this really did feel appropriate and right for my vision of my work.

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